Around the Next Bend…

If you scan the excerpt at the bottom of this page you’ll see I’ve been on the road a while. I pulled that snippet from an old FaceBook page (from shortly after I had started wandering.)

Over 3 years and I am still wandering – and that’s a very good thing.

Until recently I had been in central Florida. I rolled in there just after Labor Day and was there most of the month actually, helping a friend with a project. The location turned out to be roughly 5 miles directly east of a spot named Lochloosa. Early in the evening of the recently past Autumnal Equinox I wandered over to shoot pictures. A few turned out not-too-shabby.

Those of you familiar with JJ Grey already know about Lochloosa. I have a dear friend who I’m guessing must be one of JJ’s most devout fans. Those of you who landed here without the music background may want to look into it. If you’re trying to make some sense of this page that is.

The lake is mostly surrounded by a wildlife area. I wound up sending my buddy a few of the shots I took from around Lochloosa. He decided to post one on a Mofro fan site. He tells me a lot of folks appreciated the photo and were asking about use. That’s really what this note’s about.

I’m grateful for folks’ interest (along with more things in my life than I can count). So I’m putting a high resolution version of the photo file here on this resurrected (from an even older) blog.

If folks want a copy, it’s available as a free download. I retain the copyright but you’re welcome to use it non-commercially. All I ask is that you leave my tag in the lower left corner so I get some recognition. (I’m trying to generate a little gas money to keep the wheels turning on my 4Runner.)

Click the image below to download the high resolution version (6000x4000x300dpi). It’s about 12 or 13MB.

Sunset Over Lochloosa
Copyright 2018 Perry J Durham –

Near the start of spring this year I was pondering what to do in the next phase of my life. My best friend pointed me to “the optimal road trip across the U.S. according to machine learning”. That seemed almost perfect. (And if I figure out how this system does external hyperlinks I’ll add one.)

I’ve wandered a fair bit so far, mostly to see friends and nearby sites. The photos I’m trying to post here are a testament to that, along with the beauty and joy inherent.

So far I’ve not made much headway on the plotted trip. That’ll happen in its own time I suppose. Much as getting the photos posted here happens when I’m not engaged with my friends, family and the real world where I’d rather spend my time.

Enjoy the ride.