Open Range

2 Months Already – Wow

Actually yesterday marked the beginning of my 10th week here – and I can’t really see that I’ve gotten anything accomplished yet. Hmmmm… well maybe cleaning out this office does count for something. ūüėČ

Open Range

Let me visit with you about the¬†legal lay of the land¬†here in AZ…

ARS 3-1201. Definitions Рis a citation for the Arizona Revised Statutes Title 3, Chapter 11, Article 1, Section 1201. (Most folks would simply refer to that as the law.) You can use the link I embedded to read the whole thing. But here are a few specific definitions that I want to point out.

In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:
4. ''Equine'' means horses, mules, burros and asses.
5. ''Livestock'' means cattle, equine, sheep, goats and swine, except feral pigs.
7. ''Poultry'' means any domesticated bird, whether live or dead, and includes chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas, ratites and squabs.
8. ''Range'' means every character of lands, enclosed or unenclosed, outside of cities and towns, upon which livestock is permitted by custom, license or permit to roam and feed.
9. ''Range livestock'' means livestock customarily permitted to roam upon the ranges of the state, whether public domain or in private control, and not in the immediate actual possession or control of the owner although occasionally placed in enclosures for temporary purposes.

And just to be clear, this basically means that outside municipalities/cities’ limits,¬†livestock have the right-of-way. And they are required to be wearing a registered brand to do so (think of it along the lines of title, registration &/or proof of insurance in your car).

You¬†can¬†fence the livestock out of your property if you’re outside city limits and you don’t want them roaming across your part of the range. That’s called a¬†lawful fence – defined¬†and that’s another statute that I’ll bring up sometime soon.

Remember to enjoy the ride!

Inaugural Edition

Welcome to Roamin’ The Range!

The need to educate the public on matters of livestock seems imperative to me for many reasons.

  • who to notify for what when something happens involving livestock
  • what constitutes livestock in AZ
  • what can/can’t a person legally do with/to/for livestock in AZ
  • an several others that I’m sure will come to mind – eventually

And given that we’re already into the 2nd decade of the 21 century and eye-ball deep in the age of social media, I thought a blog was an appropriate way to get the word out.

Well that was short & to the point. But at least we got a start now!