Vesicular Stomatitis Diagnosed in Colorado

Folks – VSV continues spreading; restrictions are now placed on entries from CO…

A Las Animas County premises is under quarantine after a horse tested
positive for vesicular stomatitis (VS); the horse had not recently
traveled and is believed to have been infected by insects.

“While this is the 1st case diagnosed in Colorado in 2012, there have been several cases identified in the Rio Grande River valley of New Mexico,” said State Veterinarian, Dr. Keith Roehr. “This Colorado case represents a northern movement of the
virus that has been typical in past years.”


Brownie points to the folks who can distinguish jetsam from flotsam. There is a significant difference. Precision is important.

I stopped for just a minute to throw these items overboard. Not only am I trying to lighten the load. But also I’m badly behind in my goal to keep folks up-to-date on various topics the folks in SVO are involved with.

First: Alex the Intern – our very first! The experience with Alex was a huge success (at least from my point of view and I believe others’ as well.) She blogged about much of it.

Second: VSV in NM – yes Vesicular Stomatitis Virus is still with our neighbors to the east, and continuing to spread around that state. Please be careful and check before heading that direction. You wouldn’t want to stay longer than you planned, or leave your animals behind just so you could get back home. USDA posts situation reports every week.

Third: AI in MX – Mexican officials continue fighting the avian influenza epidemic in Jalisco. According to ProMED (International Society for Infectious Diseases) they are implementing vaccination around the infected area in an attempt to contain it (in addition to slaughtering the infected and exposed birds). And for those of you curious about approaches to such epidemics, that’s a very standard approach. The numbers involved often astound folks though.

There are several more items that I wanted to share. But I’ve already run out of time to spare. I hope to get back to this a lot sooner. In the meantime, enjoy the ride.