Lots o’ Happenings

So many things are happening these days it’s hard to keep up. So in no particular order here’s a shotgun blast of items of interest or alert.

High Pathology Avian Influenza (HPAI)

HPAI was identified in a gyrfalcon and a pintail duck in WA last week. A few days later the same virus was also identified in OR associated with a die-off of guinea fowl. This virus is the essentially the same as that in S Korea and closely related to a strain currently also causing problems in Europe. Migratory birds fly a very long way sometimes successfully carrying these viruses with them.

State animal health officials along with USDA APHIS VS personnel have established responses to these situations. I have heard that CA free-range operators are opting to move their flocks indoors to avoid exposure.

If you have poultry, especially outdoor operations, please stay informed as to this situation. Also please note that this strain does not currently seem to be affecting humans.


Some data on methods for inactivating the virus have been published. That link will take you to a page with links to the summary of the data as well as the full research. There are some effective agents. BIG POINT – you must clean up well prior to disinfecting if you want the product to work!

Lakeland Animal Nutrition Issues Voluntary Horse Feed Recall

This isn’t likely to be in AZ. But just in case… Lakeland Animal Nutrition has been informed that certain horse feeds manufactured by the company in Lakeland, Florida and distributed within the state of Florida may contain monensin (tradename of Rumensin) and lasalocid (tradename of Bovatec). Serious injury or death can occur in horses consuming feeds containing monensin and/or lasalocid.

Santa Cruz Rabies Epizootic

This situation slowed down during the summer but there has been more activity lately. Please vaccinate your animals so they don’t wind up being euthanized like these. Rabies vaccines aren’t just for dogs either!

CA Tuberculosis Situation

California had no infected herd this year, the first time in 11 years. Hopefully our next door neighbor has turned that corner. Dr. Anita Edmondson of CDFA gave a very good review of the TB situation in CA and the country at this year’s USAHA meeting.

Stay tuned for more and in the meantime enjoy the ride.