HPAI Traces From IA Into AZ

For those of you who are wondering about the situation concerning poultry shipments into AZ, here’s the latest information on the poultry and game bird chicks and eggs shipped from an IA farm which later broke with HPAI.

The Mohave County birds all tested negative for HPAI and Newcastle disease (another bird disease which is very similar to avian influenza for which we monitor) on initial testing. Virus isolation tests are being conducted to ensure no latent infection is present. This will take a few weeks. Rarely will samples that are negative on screening tests show a positive result on virus isolation, but it is possible.  So these results are helpful and encouraging, but not yet final.

The eggs which were shipped to Santa Cruz County were taken from Arizona to Mexico.

The eggs which were shipped to Yavapai County were seized per statutory authorities provided under ARS §§ 3-1203 et seq and subsequently destroyed.

The owner of the chicks shipped to Pinal County opted for USDA indemnification. Those birds and other birds living in that coop were humanely euthanized. Other birds on the premises are being tested.

All quarantines remain in place until the state vet is satisfied there is no threat to the poultry industries in the state.

The spread of HPAI does seem to be slowing in the upper midwest. But please continue to be vigilant and exercise caution when you consider buying birds or hatching eggs.