2015 Livestock Camp in Holbrook Arizona


Livestock camp is a time for educating youth in proper techniques of choosing the right animal, feeding, grooming, showing and overall how to produce a quality product.

I was impressed with the turn out for the 2015 livestock camp. Approximately 60 young people attended with the majority from our state but also some were visiting from California.

Arizona Department of Agriculture was invited to take part in providing some of this education. We really appreciated having this opportunity to build relations and advise this audience on how they can help decrease chances of becoming contaminated with disease and what roles they can play in eradicating disease. We also discussed animal traceability, along with how diseases are spread and ultimately what happens to the end product (food!) if the system fails.

If you are interested in learning more about Livestock camps around the state, please contact Steve Lackey (ScraigL@q.com).