It’s raining!

Or snowing, depending on your elevation.

BTW – You did know that timing has an awful lot to do with the success of a rain dance, didn’t you? So if you want to be successful, just keep dancin’!

The rain brings to mind the concept of shelter. So here’s another pertinent reference in statute (ARS3-2910 to be specific).

H. For the purposes of this section: 3. "Cruel neglect" means to fail to provide an animal with necessary food, water or shelter.

”Necessary shelter” is the part that came to mind earlier. Often times we receive calls from the public asking about shade for horses. I generally try to make sure I include the above citation in that conversation and discuss how there can be many interpretations of that phrase. Now let me offer a historical perspective.

By and large the wild horses in this part of the world descended from stock the Spanish brought with them during their explorations. In rough numbers that’s about 500 years.┬áThose horses have managed to survive, sometimes thrive with the food, water and shelter the natural environment provided. In some locales this is still the case today. (I recently read a study in the American Journal of Veterinary Research about Australian feral horses. The study surveyed 5 bands in distinctly different environments – most we’d consider harsh. The numbers of horses were increasing 20%/yr during the period of the study.)

So has the mesquite, palo verde and occasional ironwood tree been sufficient? Or if we consider a little wider range, the palouse river valley with its rolling hills and prairies (and Appaloosa Horses)? Seems to me to often be so. And that’s also my intro into the cases of “necessary” shelter.

If you have an albino horse, or paint, or any horse with lots of white hair and un-pigmented skin, then maybe that animal needs shelter from the sun. Or some liver dysfunction that also leads to what we call photosensitization that essentially leads to what a lot of folks would call sunburn, then maybe that horse needs shelter from the sun too. The key here is “necessity” because otherwise we are not managing the situation to maintain the animal’s good health.

The flip side of the story? If you look around, you’ll see a lot of horses standing outside the shades their owners have put up. Some seem to prefer the sun; some are trying to avoid flies; mostly who knows why? They simply don’t care to be “sheltered” by that shade. That makes it awfully difficult to call shade a necessity.

FYI – you can find sub-sections of the main cruelty statute by going to the criminal title┬áthen scrolling down to 13-2910.01 – 13-2910.09

Inaugural Edition

Welcome to Roamin’ The Range!

The need to educate the public on matters of livestock seems imperative to me for many reasons.

  • who to notify for what when something happens involving livestock
  • what constitutes livestock in AZ
  • what can/can’t a person legally do with/to/for livestock in AZ
  • an several others that I’m sure will come to mind – eventually

And given that we’re already into the 2nd decade of the 21 century and eye-ball deep in the age of social media, I thought a blog was an appropriate way to get the word out.

Well that was short & to the point. But at least we got a start now!